State Partners

EVEA centers on a consortium of five states: Washington, Oregon, Montana, Indiana, and Idaho. Together, these states will examine their own ELP assessments and systems and identify areas they want to explore in greater detail for the purposes of this project. The consortium of states will pool ideas and resources to develop a set of shared research priorities and a common validity argument that could be used by any state. Additionally, each state will develop an individual validity argument with its research partner that is tailored to the state’s particular ELPA needs.

Our state partners will benefit from having the support of a dedicated research partner to help them navigate the process of developing a validity argument; their participation is also an important service to other states, as the outputs and instruments produced by EVEA will provide other states with road-tested tools to engage in validity evaluations on their own.

States are encouraged to include whichever and as many personnel they deem appropriate to EVEA’s overall project scope, with one lead representative and contact point:

    Joe Willhoft, Ph.D., is the lead representative for this state.

  • IDAHO:
    Wendy St. Michell, M.Ed., is the lead representative for this state.

    Wes Bruce, Ph.D., is the lead representative for this state.

    Judy Snow is the lead representative for this state.

    Anthony Alpert and Phyllis Guile are the lead representatives for this state.

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