Project Goals & Outputs

The EVEA project will take place over the course of approximately 18 months, from late 2009 to mid/late 2011. By the end of our funding period, we intend to have produced all of the following outputs from our work:

  • A Common Validity Argument which could be adapted by any state if they wish to evaluate the validity of their own ELP assessment.
  • A set of instruments and research protocols outlining how states could test certain claims within the common validity argument.
    For example: if a premise of the validity argument is, ‘Teachers are properly administering the interactive sections of the ELP assessment,’ there may be an instrument or study protocol to help states determine whether teachers are in fact administering the assessment as intended.)
  • A library and links to further references about validity, language acquisition, and assessment theories, to help states learn more about the underlying principles of validity evaluation.
  • Tips and guidance about best practices, and pitfalls to avoid, based on our efforts in this project.
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